UCI Cycling

Cycling is one of the sports to which Tissot is most committed, having been a sponsor of cycling events for over a quarter of a century, including for the Tour de France in 1978, the Tour de Suisse and La Vuelta d’Espagna in Spain, amongst others. Proud of its Swiss origins, Tissot further enhances its commitment by its association to the International Cycling Union (UCI) in 1995. This sponsorship is a means for Tissot to attract a wide audience of people who can associate themselves with this pastime based on endurance, precision and performance. Further to this partnership, Tissot becomes Official Timekeeper and Sponsor of the World Championships of road, track, mountain bike, BMX and the World Cup Classics track series as well as the Mountain Bike World Cup.



With the Tissot T-Touch Expert the wearer has a high-precision instrument offering the ideal combination of high-tech functionality and ease of use. More than just a watch, it offers 15 separate functions, activated by a touch on the screen. Outdoor adventurers have direct access to an altimeter (in feet and meters), altitude difference meter, chronograph (split and cumulative time), compass, two alarms, thermometer (in ºC and ºF), barometer, date and time (measured on the 12-hour or 24-hour scale), perpetual calendar, countdown timer and backlight. Tissot T-Touch Expert owners literally have technology at their fingertips, anytime, anywhere. It is the perfect partner for professional mountaineers and extreme skiers.


Past events

  • 02.26.2014
    Track WCh Cali - Colombia
  • 07.23.2014
    BMX Rotterdam - Netherlands
  • 09.21.2014
    Road Spain