IIHF Ice Hockey

In 1996, Tissot partners the International Ice Hockey Fédération, which, not only is dynamic and fast-moving offering hours of excitement and suspense as the teams battle it out across the ice in a game of skill, precision and speed, but shows the brand’s Swiss roots, since Ice Hockey is one of the major sports of Switzerland. Tissot further sponsors the Swiss national team at a local level and becomes sponsor of the World Champion Russian National Team at an international level.



Tissot is the Official Watch of the Ice Hockey World Championships. This watch is dedicated to the sport of Ice Hockey and Tissot’s long-standing partnership with the IIHF (International Ice Hockey Federation). This piece pays tribute to this dynamic, agile and rapid sport, taking its colours from the game’s arena with a blue and silver colour scheme illustrating the ice’s reflections, while the bright red second hand, contrasting with its neighbouring silver hands, represents the ice rink’s faceoff and goal lines. Through its Precision, Robustness and Sportiness, the PRS 200 Ice Hockey 2012 applauds the speed and precision of world class ice hockey. And should the ice melt, this watch has nothing to fear with water resistance up to a pressure of 20 bar (200 m / 660 ft).