Nicky Hayden

2006 MotoGP World Champion

Nicky Hayden was born into a family of racers in Kentucky.

Nicky was riding a bike as soon as he turned three and participated in his first race only a year later. With such an early start, he won his first Dirt Track Grand National Championship when he was 18. He also received Rookie of the Year award and was named AMA Athlete of the Year that same season.

In 2006 he became MotoGP World Champion, and in doing so, Tissot's first ever World Champion ambassador.

Following the World Championship title, Nicky had to get accustomed to several changes. One of them was that he was now racing on 800cc bikes instead of the 990cc machines he had won the Championships on.In 2009, he joined the Ducati Team. This change didn't bring back the success he was looking for but even though it was a tough year the rider's spirit was not broken and he is working as hard as ever to reach his objectives.

And with that perspective, 2012 promises to be an exhilarating season for him. A shift from 800cc to 1000cc bikes this year fills his followers with hope as the athlete's last race with a similar engine earned him the MotoGP World Championship. In this spirit, Tissot has produced an exciting and dynamic limited edition watch, which conveys energy and ambition as well as aerodynamics. Nicky Hayden's number 69 on the case back in addition to the star on the dial give it a lucky charm touch to bring the racer success.

Hayden, "The Kentucky Kid," has been with Tissot for many years, and his association with the brand has really helped deepen his appreciation of time and timekeeping. "Time is the truth in our sport, because lap times at the end of the day are what really makes or breaks you," he explains. "Tissot gives me a great deal of support, so it's very special to have such a great relationship with a fantastic company and I think we are a great match.



To honour its ambassador, Tissot wanted to create a timepiece that illustrated the qualities of such an amazing racer. The base of the Tissot T-Race Nicky Hayden Limited Edition 2013 therefore portrays the 2006 MotoGPTM World Champion’s burning passion through its fiery red, in a tip of the hat to Nicky Hayden’s race team. The athlete’s extraordinary determination and will to win and to reach for the stars is echoed in Nicky Hayden’s star emblem at the top of the dial at 12 o’clock. As for the sensational dynamism and speed, they are reflected in the white stripes around the strap.